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Wellness Message from Kat & Leo

June 1 2020

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May 25 2020

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May 20 2020

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May 11 2020

#1 Wellness Message from Kat & Leo 

May 4 2020


Behavioural Support

ILC offers behavioural support in addition to the one-on-one support offered by the subject teachers. At both campuses, there is an Educational Assistant who provides daily tutorial support to students.

Learning Assistance
A Learning Assistance Teacher performs and coordinates educational assessments in order to identify students’ learning needs. The Learning Assistance Teacher addresses students’ learning needs with the appropriate programming and supports by liaising with subject teachers, student service personnel, parents/caregivers and students.

ILC currently has the ability to offer counselling services through a Youth and Family Counsellor and a Teacher Counsellor. Together this team supports students at both locations.

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Online Resources/Self-Help


Anxiety BC
An in-depth resource for anyone suffering from anxiety, with sections for parents and youth.


Dealing with Depression Guide

A self-help workbook and education guide--excellent strategies for a youth's anxiety/depression toolkit.



Here to Help’s Better Sleep Guide

Sleep is so vital to our mental health and well-being. This site offers good advice on healthy sleep habits.



Kelty Mental Health’s Stress Reduction Tips and Resources

A nice starting point for info on stress reduction from Kelty Mental Health.



Mindfulness for Teens

Mindfulness is increasingly used to manage depression, anxiety, and stress. This website outlines steps teenagers can take to practice mindfulness.


Local Resources

Aboriginal Support 


Hulitan Family and Community Services Society provides social and emotional support to Aboriginal children, Aboriginal youth and Aboriginal families living in the Capital Regional District.

Victoria Native Friendship Centre

The VNFC is dedicated to improving the quality of life for Aboriginal people in the Greater Victoria area and offers a nange of services.


Substance Use

Discovery Youth and Family Services          

Discovery Youth and Family Substance Use Services are free, and available to anyone in the community directly or indirectly negatively impacted by substance use.


Sexual Health
Island Sexual Health Society
Island Sexual Health Society offers sexual health clinics and sex education programs for all genders, orientations, identities, and ages in Greater Victoria, BC.


GLBT Resources

Island Sexual Health GLBTTQI2A Resources
Scroll down this extensive list of Sexual Health links to find local and national GLBTTQI2A support resources. Their FAQ page is pretty good too!

Vancouver-based organization with a wealth of online resources relevant to LGBTQ youth.
The It Gets Better Project's mission is to communicate to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth around the world that it gets better, and to create and inspire the changes needed to make it better for them.
tools and resources for LGBTQ-inclusive Education


Chat/Text Support Sites
Youth in BC

 Online crisis chat service as well as links to resources and further information about a variety of mental health topics.  


Confidential chat and forums around youth mental health and well-being issues like sexual health, gender identity issues, depression, and substance abuse.



Booster Buddy
Designed by a team of youth working with Island Health, this app sets you up with a cartoon creature of your choice to check in on you from time to time and challenge you to take steps to improve your mood. For Android and iOS.
Created in part by the team at AnxietyBC, this app provides practical strategies to manage anxiety. For Android and iOS.
Stop, Breathe & Think
A fantastic resource for those needing reminders to get started on a daily habit of mindfulness or just looking for a bit of a starting point. For Android and iOS.
CBT Thought Record Diary
This app lets you easily track emotional levels, distorted thinking, and challenges to your thoughts. For Android.

Parent and Family Support
The FORCE Society
Resource for community learning opportunities, peer support, and connection to appropriate services for your family.
Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre
Provides peer support for youth as well as information on mental health and substance abuse for supporters of youth.

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