Scholarship & Award Info


Please check with  your TA for more info or an application.

SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS Full Application Package includes: 

  1. Application form, 
  2. Application letter,  (sample letter)
  3. Resume, 
  4. Transcript, 
  5. Reference letter 

1. District/Authority (7 awards of $1250 each for ILC) 


  • student must have Canadian Citizenship or permanent resident status and fulfill graduation requirements by August 31, 2019 
  • graduating student who has excelled in one of indigenous languages & culture, fine arts, applied skills, physical activity, international languages, community service, or trades 
  • proceeding to a post-secondary career orientated program 
  • student has 5 years to redeem the $1250 voucher • student pays tuition, and receives reimbursement at later date** 
  • Application deadline: May 15th 

2. District Education (1 award of $500) 


  • Outstanding student who plans to enter the teaching profession 
  • Selection based on academic achievement and extra-curricular activities 
  • SIN number required 
  • Application deadline: May 15th 

3. Fruit Growers Scholarship (1 award of $500) 

  • to support an outstanding student who intends to pursue work or further education in agriculture, horticulture or engineering land use 
  • SIN number required 
  • Application deadline: May 15th 

4. Canadian Federation of University Women (1 award of $1000) 


  • graduating female, Canadian citizen 
  • pursuing post-secondary education 
  • proof of acceptance to post secondary institution and indication of intention to begin studies in their graduation year
  • in need of extra financial support 
  • Application deadline: May 15th 

5. Saanich Teacher's Association Scholarship (STA) (1 award of $1000) 


  • graduating student who: 

a) has expressed interest in furthering their education 

b) has demonstrated leadership, within the school or community, in the area of interest they are planning to pursue after graduation; and 

c) has written a 250 word essay that explains their area of leadership and their educational goals. 

  • Payment will be made to the recipient upon proof of paid tuition within three (3) years of receiving the scholarship 
  • Application deadline: May 15. 

6. Coast Capital Standing Tall Award (2 awards of $3500 for the District) 

  • awarded to a June 2019 graduating student who plans to attend an accredited Canadian university, college, or technical school in the fall of 2019.
  • Acknowledges a student who has faced significant hardships and has demonstrated a commitment to continue their education. 
  • Significant hardships include poverty, health, family issues, personal loss, and lack of supports i.e., youth who are or have been in gov’t care 
  • Schools submit one candidate – District committee chooses recipients 
  • Application deadline: April 26th to ILC and April 26th to ILC  and April 30 to SBO (full application package including SIN number and Coast Capital application)

7. Young WSANEC Woman Leader Award (1 award of $1000 for District) 

  • Donor to select recipient 
  • to support a graduating female student from the local WSANEC communities who has been active in the community and demonstrated leadership potential 
  • Award presented at Indigenous Graduation ceremony 
  • Full application package to SBO by May 1st 

8. Dianne Cross (1 award of $750.00 for District)

  • Donor to select recipient
  • Awarded to a graduating student to further enhance study in the Arts or any of: painting, sculpture, fibre, dance, drama, music, or voice.
  • To be used for artistic development, i.e. tuition, lesson fees, instrument purchase or rental
  • Application Deadline: May 15th
  • Full application sent on to SBO

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