Introduction: How Do We Decide What to Believe?

Primary and Secondary Sources

Guided Practice


For each of the following, state whether it is a primary source or a secondary source.
  1.  The diary of a World War I soldier, describing living conditions in the trenches

  1.  A reference to that diary in a textbook

  1.  A newspaper account of a military rising in Central Asia, written by a journalist who was on vacation there when it happened

  1.  A photograph of fighting during the rising mentioned above

  1.  The caption under the photograph, written by the newspaper editor

  1.  Sheet music of World War I soldiers songs, such as a Long Way to Tipperary, dated 1917

  1.  A recording made using this sheet music

  1.  A report on a famine in Africa made by a United Nations official who toured the famine area

  1.  An original copy of the Treaty of Versailles (which ended World War I)

  1.  Notes, taken after the treaty had been negotiated, by Colonel House (the aide to the American president)

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